Monday, August 25, 2014

One Summer Day

It is worth a blog post. Today we had summer. It was hot. It was buggy. It was humid. It was great.

This beautiful cicada was near the end of its long life. The wings looked like someone had spilled golden glitter on them, but I couldn't make that show up in the photo, except for a hint on the edge crossing the back.

Cardinal flowers are blooming abundantly along the Paw Paw, at least at the bridge over 48th Avenue. Unfortunately, these long-distance pics with my digital point and shoot were the best I could do.

These mushrooms were growing out of the heart of a half dead maple tree next to the East Arlington Baptist Church. They were the size of salad plates! They looked vaguely oriental to me.

And, yes, we also have birds. A pair of Sandhill Cranes and their single surviving chick were crossing 44th Avenue yesterday between 48th and 50th Streets. They paused long enough for me to take a few pictures from the car.

 The local turkey family is also doing well, but they don't cooperate for photography. I am happy to report that the two hens have managed to raise eight chicks to the half-grown stage. It has been great fun to have them hanging around the yard. We see them almost everyday.

I hope you all have managed to find a little bit of summer to enjoy this year. Until next time.

All photos by Dixie Burkhart. Use with permission only.