Thursday, August 30, 2012

Nature's Waltz

I spent an entertaining few minutes this morning at Briggs Pond, in Paw Paw.  At least three Great Blue Herons and a Great Egret were stalking the pond’s aquatic residents. Wood Ducks are starting to look like themselves again as they molt out of their cryptic plumages. Cedar Waxwings were doing perfectly respectable imitations of swallows, zipping around over the pond fly-catching. I managed to follow a couple in the scope for a little while. It was great fun! The resident Belted Kingfisher was making his presence known, rattling around the pond in between resting on a dead tree in the pond. If you ever go  to this spot on Commercial Street, be sure to check out the tree. It is a very popular roosting spot for many of the pond’s birds, including the herons, ducks, kingfisher and swallows. The tree has figured in many of my photos, although most of them don’t make it on to the blog. But I know there are better photographers than I am out there who would be able to do it justice!

I had a nice video of the egret, as well as a picture of the Canada Goose that I found grazing at my feet when I looked away from the scope but computer land is giving me fits today and doesn't want to upload them. Maybe I'll have better luck later! Thanks to all for your support and interest in this blog! And I'd like to close today by saying Hello and Welcome to our overseas readers in the UK, Germany and Russia! Leave a comment, we’d love to know you better!

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