Friday, February 1, 2013

The Upside of Winter

There have been a few times in my life when I have been job-free for one reason or another. A recurrent theme of these periods has always been the comment, "I don't know how I will find time to work when I go back," since somehow I have always managed to keep myself occupied. This winter, however, Bob and I are both at home full-time, and one of the agreements we made at the beginning, was that we are going to try to stay off the roads when the weather is bad. We have traded in the risks of braving the ice and snow for the risks of cabin fever. Fortunately, so far we have managed to keep ourselves entertained fairly well. Our feeding station stays lively throughout the daylight hours. Inside we have the antics of our four foots to keep us laughing. Our cats and dogs are experts at exploiting opportunities for play, food, or just plain napping. Our cat, Parker, explores art through napping. A few of his interpretations follow.

Central Park bench

I Can So Fit.

I Can So Fit 2.
Exhausted by his art.

Spending extra time with our pets is one of the benefits of the winter season. We are so grateful to still have Parker, especially, and treasure every day with him.  Despite his youth and robust appearance, he has been extremely ill twice in the last year and half, and if it weren't for our great vet, our nursing experience, and, most of all, Parker's mellow, tolerant disposition, he wouldn't be here to entertain us with his art. Thanks for being you, Parker Man.

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