Monday, March 18, 2013

Wolf Lake Fish Hatchery and Briggs' Pond March 18, 2013

     Four intrepid birders braved freezing temperatures, brisk winds and freezing rain today to bird Wolf Lake Fish Hatchery, Maple Lake and Briggs' Pond. At Wolf Lake Fish Hatchery, the usual suspects were joined by Horned Grebes. Only a single immature Trumpeter Swan was seen, but we didn't get to all the ponds. Our first three Tree Swallows of the year were cruising the ponds hopefully. A large mixed flock including American Tree Sparrows, American Goldfinches, Northern Cardinals and Song Sparrows was working the area around the maintenance garage, and while we were trying to get on a couple of Eastern Bluebirds, a small flock of waxwings landed in the top of a little tree only a short distance from us. We were thrilled to get scope views of the Cedars, as well as two Bohemian Waxwings.
     After this, we moved on to Maple Lake in Paw Paw. Once again, we found many Horned Grebes and all three Mergansers, as well as the other expected diving ducks. The lake is completely ice free now, so the birds have dispersed and views are much more distant than they have been.
    To wrap up our day we checked out Briggs' Pond at the end of Commercial Street in Paw Paw. Just as we decided there wasn't a whole lot going on, a Merlin zipped across the pond and landed on the tippy top of a dead tree, and waited while we all got great scope looks, and a so so picture.

       We parted ways agreeing that we had been well rewarded for our efforts, and eager to do it again soon. Yay, Spring! Bird on!

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