Friday, July 3, 2015

Van Buren County Summer Chorus

        As I go about my outdoor activities around the homestead, I am constantly reminded of how very lucky I feel to have put down roots here. Today a Scarlet Tanager has been singing almost nonstop from the treetops behind the garage. A Gray Catbird skulking in the lilac bushes near the workshop makes me giggle with his attempts to imitate the tanager, his catbird accent clearly audible. The local House Wren attends to his many nests while clearly announcing this is his place. A little deeper in the woods behind the garage the beautiful flutelike voice of the resident Wood Thrush sings counterpoint to the tanager. A Red-eyed Vireo holds up his end of the concert, as well. Holding up the flycatcher section is the Eastern Wood-pewee and Eastern Phoebe. And for occasional variation, a Baltimore Oriole and Yellow-throated Vireo chime in every so often. My favorite musical performances happen in my yard, on a summer day, in Van  Buren County.

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