Monday, July 9, 2012

False Alarm

I visit the marshy area of Maple Lake in Paw Paw these days almost on a daily basis.  I don't stay long, but there is almost always something of interest to see.  This is a favorite loafing spot for the goose and swan families as they wait for their primaries to grow in so they can get back on the wing. Today, I caught these photos of the Mute Swan family responding to a possible emergency.

The mute swan family rests quietly.

All the killdeer flush calling loudly. The swans slick their feathers down in alarm.

They prepare to hustle into the water to make their getaway.

Back at rest again - it was only a Great Blue Heron flying slowly overhead!

I love this place!  Also, this duck caught my eye.  I think it was a young wood duck as it was kind of in the same vicinity as a female wood duck.  It is fun to see all the plumage changes they go through.

 That is the latest report from Maple Lake in Paw Paw. Thanks for reading!

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