Sunday, July 8, 2012

If only I could bottle this

We have a few cats.  People tend to bring their unwanted mothers and kittens and dump them in our yard. By the time we have nursed them through whatever health issues they bring with them, they are inextricably integrated into our pride.  Each cat has a unique perspective and relationship with the human members of the pride.  Some don't care if they are ever touched by human hands.  At the other end of the spectrum is the character below - Frodo, yes Baggins, who came to us with his brother, Harry Potter, when they were 8 weeks old, from a extremely bad situation. They are now eight years old, and, unlike most cats, Frodo definitely has practical uses. He sometimes acts as a fashion accessory, draped over my shoulder. He acts as a head rest on the back of my recliner if I happen to be in it.  Should he feel I am in need of a nap, he bonelessly slithers slowly off the back of the chair, over my shoulder, down my chest, and into some version of this position.  Bob swears that I am usually asleep within about 30 seconds of him assuming this position.  I vehemently deny it! After all, I did manage to get this pic...........  zzzzzzzzzzz.

Frodo works his magic

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