Sunday, July 8, 2012

Putting things in perspective

One of the things that was hardest for me to get used to when I moved here from California was how lush and green everything was in the summer time. At home in California the main challenge when gardening was to ensure that the garden received sufficient water, along with combating the red clay soil.  Weeds were easily dealt with.  In Michigan it is a constant battle to keep the weed trees from taking over my garden space.  I have planted in the ground with plastic or paper mulch, in bags of garden soil on top of black mulch fabric, in raised beds with black mulch fabric underneath -  I think the weeds have power tools.  My gardening now is pretty much limited to container gardening.  If the weeds get out of hand I can rip them out of the pot, soil and all and easily start over.  This year, though, I am experiencing deja vu - the life sucking heat,  the crisp brown lawns and stunted growth definitely remind me of California. I keep watching for the fire spotter plane to circle overhead.  This was a regular feature of summer life in the California foothills where we lived before we came here. I dragged out this winter picture from a couple of years ago to remind myself that in four or five months cold weather will be back and we will once again be able to lose the remote to the air conditioner!

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